Thursday, October 15, 2009


i made this cube using inkscape. it was very easy to make.u make several rectangles and use the transform tool to twist and turn the rectangles into a 3d position and you can make the shape easily from there.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i made these ellipse shapes with inkscape. when you draw the circleyou can play around with it to make an ellipse shape then u press shiftctrlF to get the fill and stroke options then play around with the stroke style and the fill colour to get diffferent colour and effects. also you can make them transparent and have more than one colour in the shape. it was interesting using these shapes and i enjoyed it

computing survey

Computing survey

1) how many working computers are there in your home? (none, one, two, three etc.?)
I have 2 working computers at my house

2) Do your home computers run on Windows or some other operating system such as Linux?
Yes it runs on windows

3) Are you allowed to use a computer at home unsupervised in your own room (with the door closed) or is it in a public room where parents can see the screen?
I use my computer unsupervised

4) Does your family own a laptop or net book? Do you use it?

5) Does your family have internet access? If so is it ADSL1 or 2, mobile broadband, cable or dialup?
Yes I think broadband

6) Does your family have wireless?

7) Which browser or browsers do you use at home? Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, other?
Mozilla Firefox and my dad uses Google chrome

8) what is your preferred search engine?

9) Does your family use VOIP (voice over internet protocol) for phone calls?
Yes sometimes but not to often

10) Have you ever made a video and uploaded it to YouTube?

11) Do you have a Facebook, Bebo or Myspace account that you use from time to time? How often?
Yes a few times a week

12) Can you access your bank account (if you have one) online?
Yes I can

13) Have you ever bought something over the internet through a site such as EBay or Amazon? What have you bought?
I have bought some shoes

14) List your three favourite games
Far Cry, oblivion, fear, halo, medal of honour, juiced

15) What do you do on the Internet. Number in this way
2 = often
1 = sometimes
0 = never

2 ) look up answers to homework,
1) real time chat or messaging using IM, Skype etc.,
0) email
1) on line games,
2) watch Youtube videos,
2) surf the web,
2) search using a search engine
1) visit social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo, Myspace
2) downloading music or movies or games
0) write in my blog, wiki or website

16) Inlcude a picture of a computer and add some tags to this blog

Sunday, October 11, 2009

tv survey

1) How many TVs are there in your home?
5 TV’s

2) Is there a quiet room in your home where you can do home work?

3) in what room do you do your home work?
My room

4) Estimate how many hours a week you spend watching TV?
12 hours

5) What is your favourite TV show?
The Simpsons

6) explain why you like your favourite TV show?
It’s really funny and humorous

7) Does your family watch any particular TV show together? If yes, say which show

8) Do any of your pets watch TV?

9) How would you feel if TV was banned in your home?
I would be pissed off

10) Anything else you want to say about TV?
It is wicked

11)Find or make a picture of a TV and add it to your blog

12) Add some meaningful tags to this blog post.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

i made these spiral shapes with inkscape. i would draw a spiral then i would play around with stroke style to get different interesting effects. by holding down shift and draging the spiral it would expand and also holding the alt key extends the spiral and locks the radius which gives all sorts of different shapes. some of the shapes i made look very good and i enjoyed making these shapes and this program is really interesting.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


i made these shapes with inkscape. i would draw a star and then i would play around with the shape changing the corners, spoke ratio, randomise and even radomised. if you held shift down you and draged on the shape you would some interesting and cool effects. i thought some of the shapes i made were very interesting and unique. inkscpae was a really fun program and i enjoyed using it. my favourite shape is 2 shape its is unique and it looks very good.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mobile phone survey. Answer in your blog.

1) Do you own a mobile phone?

2) If so provide the brand name and any other specifications if you know them

3) How many mobile phones have you owned so far in your life?

4) what do you use your phone for. Number in this way

2 = often
1 = sometimes
0 = never

2) phone calls
2) SMS for text messaging
1) listen to music MP3
2) take photos
2) file transfer using bluetooth
1) internet browsing
1) playing games
1) video recording
1) watching videos MP4
1) money transfer
0) buying stuff over the internet
2) alarm
1) memory card reader (SD)
1) USB (you use your phone to store and transfer files)
1) wireless modem for a personal computer
0) GPS (global positioning system) navigation
0) GDO (garage door opener)

5) Does your phone have a full QWERTY keyboard, either slide out or touch screen?

6) How would you feel if you were not allowed to use your mobile phone anymore?
Not to bad just it’s a little inconvenient

7) Should mobile phones be banned at school because they distract students? Give reasons for your answer
No it might be needed for emergencies

8) Include a picture of your phone as part of this blog

9) Add some tags to this blog